At Lingua Professional Services, We offer a flexible environment that allows the freedom of choice. All of our courses are available on site. We also offer distance learning via Skype or WebEx.


Spanish as a Foreign Language

For many, learning Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity. That’s why we adjust our program to your needs. We use the Industry Standard Aula Latina Learning system to optimize the amount of time that it takes to comprehend Spanish.

Our courses are broken down into these three levels:

Aula Latina 1 (Beginner level)

At the Beginner level, you will learn the basic rules of the Spanish language. You will start to develop a solid foundation of, “Spanish Grammar” we will focus on Written /Spoken Spanish and building a basic vocabulary. Upon completion you will possess the necessary skills to start simple communication in Spanish.

Aula Latina 2 (Intermediate level)

At the Intermediate level, we work on the developmental awareness of proper pronunciation; we build on the basic skills developed in the beginner course, and bring you up to an intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language.
This will enable you to communicate and understand more complex conversations.
Upon completion you will have the skills to understand and differentiate the proper use of simple tenses.


Aula Latina 2, Level 2 (Intermediate Level)

At Latina 2, level 2 (Intermediate), we take the knowledge that you have developed in Intermediate level 1 and further develop your knowledge of Spanish Grammar.
Upon completion, you will be able to communicate effectively in Spanish including a general knowledge of social, colloquial and informal expressions

Aula Latina 3 (Advanced level)

At the Advanced level Accuracy is the key.
We focus on fluency and communication.
Upon completion, you will be able to effectively communicate in Spanish with very few errors. You should be able to master Grammatical Structures at an 80% comprehension and feel confident when communicating Spanish at an advanced level.

Business Spanish

For the Business Professional that is looking to become proficient in Spanish, we tailor our courses specific to your requirements.
Our Professional programs are the fastest way to attain the skills that you require.

Whether you are a CEO, VP or Director of a large multinational organization, or an employee trying to work your way up the corporate ladder, enhancing your fluency in Spanish as a second language will provide you with the valuable skills required by today’s competitive global market place.

We offer specialized training in all disciplines of Business ranging from General Business to Enhanced Technical language instruction.

Spanish Conversation

Sometimes it can be challenging for non-native speakers of the Spanish language, to fully express themselves in Spanish; even when they have reached an advanced level. That’s why we developed this course. We will help you overcome your limitations and allow you to communicate what you are thinking.
This course focuses on discussing current events, idioms, social expressions, colloquial Spanish, and the informal aspect in order for students to get a fuller scope of the language. It is geared to bring your Spanish language skills to the next level.
This course helps you to not only speak the language, but to fully think, write, speak and comprehend.

AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam

The AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam is approximately 3 hours long. It is divided like this:

A 95 minute multiple-choice section and an 85 minute free-response section.
The multiple-choice section accounts for half of your exam grade, and the free-response section for the other half.
The multiple choice section contains 65 questions, lasts approximately 95 minutes and consists of two parts (Part A: Interpretive Communication: Print Texts and Part B: Interpretive Communication: Print and Audio Texts/Audio Texts).
Part A contains 30 questions and lasts approximately 40 minutes.
Part B contains 35 questions and lasts approximately 55 minutes.
The free response section contains 4 tasks and lasts approximately 85 minutes.

The test is broken down into the following sections:
1. Interpersonal Writing: Email Reply
2. Presentational Writing: Persuasive Essay
3. Interpersonal Speaking: Conversation
4. Presentational Speaking: Cultural Comparison