At Lingua Professional Services, We offer a flexible environment that allows the freedom of choice. All of our courses are available on site. We also offer distance learning via Skype or WebEx.


“I´ve personally worked with Lingua Professional Services since 2016. Working with an excellent Experienced business language coach and instructor has been very helpful for my Job and to complete my MBA.
The topics reviewed in class are always very relevant to every area I see on a day-to-day basis.
All our classes are very dynamic, which made sure Gina Yoryet, the instructor retained our attention at all times.
It is obvious that she has a lot experience and we are grateful to have her as a teacher.”

Carlos García
Master´s of Business Administration - MBA
PIPSA (Proveedora Industrial Panamericana S. A. De C. V.
Ciudad Granja, Jalisco México
“The Purpose of this letter is to let you know that I´ve been working with Yoryet Román and Lingua Professional Services for a few years. I personally worked with Yoryet Román from 2014 to 2017 as a Language and Coach Instructor. She was also our main provider in translation/interpretation services in various projects.

I have been acquainted with Yoryet Román for the last four years, in her capacity as a Business Language Coach for National, Transnational, as well as International businesses. She has really helped me identify the areas my staff and I need to improve.

Lingua Professional Services stands out from typical language institutes because the lesson plans are tailored according to each individual’s needs. They are very professional, reliable, flexible, and willing to work on any project assigned. PLS would be a great asset for Canada and the future projects they take on.”

Cesar Ruíz
Health & Nutrition Products
Tlaquepaque, Jalisco México
To Whom It May Concern:

“The Purpose of this letter is to highly recommend Lingua Professional Services: I personally worked with Gina Yoryet from 2014 to 2017. She was my Business English Language and Coach Instructor. In addition to that, she collaborated with Walmart in several translation/interpretation services.

I have been acquainted with her for the last four years, in her capacity as a Business Language Coach for National, Transnational, as well as International businesses. She has been a true game-changer in identifying and enhancing the areas of need, therefore, Lingua Professional Services and Yoryet Román have my highest endorsement.

LPS is the way to go when you want to learn another language!”

Senior Director – Global Produce Sourcing
Walmart de México
El Salto, Jalisco México
“My grasp of Spanish was quite rudimentary before taking one-on-one classes with Gina. I could neither understand much of anything from a native Spanish speaker, nor could I speak much of anything. I had gone through the typical cookie-cutter Spanish program with Duolingo and Memrise. These are all helpful programs when you begin with learning vocabulary and basic grammar, but in my opinion, in order to progress much faster with comprehension and speaking, you need someone to tutor you in the areas where you have the most difficulty.
With Gina and Lingua Professional Services, I was able to ask for help where I suffered the most, and she was very flexible with tailoring the lessons to my requests and my needs. After roughly two weeks, I was able to speak more complex sentences than given through Duolingo or Memrise, and my comprehension improved to understanding about 70% of what a native speaker said. I give my commendation to Gina and her much needed help in my improving my Spanish.”

Ralph J. Oballo
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
Denton Nebraska
“I spent eight weeks with the San Junípero Serra Immersion Program for Priests and Seminarians in Guadalajara to solidify more of my speaking and listening skills, and I experienced the greatest improvement in my Spanish during that summer. I personally believe that you should go through more than three weeks immersion to have the best development. I am not an exceptional language learner, and it took my brain close to five weeks to adjust to hearing and thinking in Spanish. After the fifth week, it suddenly became easier to say sentences naturally without much thinking. I recommend this program for priests and seminarians wholeheartedly.”
Ralph J. Oballo
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
Denton, Nebraska
“The Saint Junipero Serra Spanish Institute is proud to use "Habla Cristiano" for its Spanish Summer Immersion Program for priests and seminarians. The course was designed by Lingua Professional Services specifically with the seminarian in mind in order to provide him a language immersion experience tailored to his future needs in the apostolate.”
Priestly Fraternity of Saint Petera
Guadalajara, Jalisco México
“For two successive summers I was blessed to participate in the Saint Junipero Serra Institute Spanish program. In addition to being always professional and serious about the task at hand — namely, learning Spanish — the professors and staff clearly took a personal interest in the students and in passing on the many riches of the Spanish language, culture, and heritage.
The program was well organized and multi-dimensional. The mix of exercises in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish always kept the classes interesting, as well as challenging. The professors were very attentive to the particular needs, strengths, and backgrounds of the students (especially considering we were priests and seminarians), and they were willing to adjust things — without comprising the learning — accordingly. An example of this would be the changes made by Lingua Professional Services to the program between the two summer sessions that I attended.
After the first session, the professors clearly took time to assess carefully what worked well, what did not work so well, and what needed to be changed.
The program is for those who are truly interested in learning Spanish, and the more a student puts into it, the more he will get out of it. The professors were always very encouraging and the atmosphere was one of joy and much laughter, which does much to make the difficult elements of learning a new language quite a bit easier.

Prior to the two summers that I attended the Saint Junipero Serra Institute, I studied Spanish independently through Gina Yoryet Román, General Director of Lingua Professional Services. I have been able to improve greatly during the last couple of years since I started learning Spanish in Guadalajara, Jalisco México.

I highly recommend any courses offered by the Lingua Professional Services, and their highly-trained Spanish educators hired by the Saint Junipero Serra Institute. If you wish to learn Spanish, are willing to work hard, and are not afraid to make mistakes — mistakes are part of the learning process — Lingua Professional Services and the Saint Junipero Serra Institute is the place to go.”

Father Rhone Lillard
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
Denton, Nebraska
I am happy to recommend Lingua Professional Services and her
Experienced Business Language & Spanish for a Specific Purpose Coaches.
I had the opportunity to live in Guadalajara, Jalisco México for a year as a missionary for the FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter), and during that time, I used Gina and her team to help me learn Spanish. It wasn’t until the summer of 2016, that I became fluent in Spanish, thanks to her intensive Spanish course they taught throughout the summer. While the program was geared toward seminarians from the United States, I had the opportunity to take part in this program for 2 months. The course was a rigorous process of 8 hours of Spanish for 6 days a week. What was even more incredible was that the course was taught all in Spanish. By the end of the 2 months the seminarians and myself, were fluent in Spanish and could communicate on almost any topic.
Thanks to Lingua Professional Services, through the San Junípero Serra Spanish Institute, the seminarians were able to evangelize on the streets and communicate with anyone by the end of their two-month excursion in México. The course was taught using
Habla Cristiano, a book implemented by Gina Yoryet and the Lingua Professional Services team, which is geared towards Spanish for the clergy to instruct students in Spanish. The book was very comprehensive and covered every important element that is necessary in learning a language. Her language services have helped me tremendously, and it gave me the opportunity to a better understanding of the Spanish language.
The Experienced Language Coaches at Lingua Professional Services is extremely thorough. They go out of their way and make sure you understand everything and address any concerns or areas of struggle that you may have.
If you want to learn a language for fun, business, government, school, or for any reason I recommend going through Lingua Professional Services.”

Ben Misner-Elias
Houston, Texas
“With Lingua Professional Services I have had the opportunity to practice my oral fluency since I started class. Lingua Professional was contracted by Best Ground, my employer, in 2016. This is a wonderful opportunity which has helped me improve my English in different areas. We have covered different sections of Business English, which is very useful on a day-to-day basis. The course allows you to learn and practice something new every day while you are speaking. The classes are very dynamic and fun for my classmates and I. I will keep taking classes with Lingua Professional Services for as long as possible”
Claudia Santana
Purchasing Coordinator
Best Ground
Zapopan, Jalisco México
“He estado trabajando con Lingua Professional Services cerca de un año y mi experiencia ha sido excelente. Gina Yoryet es una excelente profesora, muy comprometida no solo con su labor de enseñar el idioma inglés, sino a hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor. Siempre comparte temas de interés que hacen de la clase un rato agradable y motivador. Los temas de las clases son relevantes a mi área de profesión que son muy útiles cuando me comunico con mis proveedores extranjeros.
Siento que mi progreso ha sido muy rápido desde que he estado tomando clases con ella, ahora tengo más confianza para hablar y puedo redactar en inglés sin ningún problema.”

Francisco Gabriel Ramírez
Creative & Design Manager
Zapopan, Jalisco México
“I’ve been working with Lingua Professional Services since the summer of 2017. Since I have been working with them, my English has improved.” We have always targeted the areas requested in my business area. In addition to that, I have been assisted in writing very formal and professional email messages to build business alliances with U. S. and foreign companies. I always wanted to find someone who could assist me in every area of the Business English necessary and I found LPS, they always target the necessary areas we need to work on, and they design each outline accordingly. I am very satisfied with the services that LPS has rendered to my work colleagues and myself.”
Haydee Fernández
Prior Marketing Director
Current Alliances Director
Zapopan, Jalisco México
“Las clases Business English que tomé con Lingua Professional Services por aproximadamente un año y medio, me ayudaron de forma increíble, ya que generé hacer clientes nuevos, ventas nuevas, y darme a conocer como marca en Estados Unidos, en un tiempo relativamente corto. Aprendí a redactar en inglés, y a comunicarme con mis clientes de forma efectiva”
Diana Monroy
Zapopan, Jalisco México
“Cuando mi hijo necesitaba prepararse para tomar el examen SAT, me recomendaron con Lingua Professional Services. La profesora fue muy profesional, paciente, consistente y de inmediato se notó la experiencia en la preparación de exámenes estandarizados. Mi hijo se sintió muy bien con las clases y mucho más seguro para tomar el examen después de las sesiones de preparación. También me gustó trabajar con esta profesora porque siempre estuvo disponible para aclarar cualquier duda, siempre, nos brindó el material adecuado para estudiarlo. Gracias a su empeño, mi hijo pasó el examen sin problema”
Christina Torres
Zapopan, Jalisco México
“When I needed to prepare for the Cambridge test to study abroad, I reached out to Lingua Professional Services and within the first week my professor clarified a lot of my doubts. She was able to help me reach my full potential and get a general overview and very useful tips and strategies to get a high score. She was very thorough, helpful and organized. She was also very knowledgeable about the intricacies of standardized test prep, which helped me feel very comfortable as it got closer to my test date. I am taking another test real soon and I am definitely contacting her.”
Javier López
Guadalajara, Jalisco México
“As a student, I have always dreaded exams because I’ve never been a good test taker. One of my biggest challenges is the language barrier as I am a non-native of English. I had always wanted to find a teacher who truly understood me and where I was coming from. When I was referred to Lingua Professional Services, I found exactly what I needed as a professor, someone who could relate to my experience, and someone who could help me truly understand the types of questions and logics on the ACT test. My professor, Gina Yoryet is fully bilingual and multicultural. She can easily change back and forth between English and Spanish, foresee how and what I was thinking and narrow down all the set backs preventing me from seeing a clearer overview. I am very satisfied with my ACT score.”
Lucy Gutierrez
Guadalajara, Jalisco México
“Lingua Professional Services proudly designs each client course outline accordingly, as opposed to using traditional language institute methods. By doing this, we have been able to keep our clients very satisfied.
In 2016 Lingua Professional Services was selected to collaborate with Saint Junipero Serra Institute. In 2017 LPS designed the Saint Junipero Serra Institute course content and wrote our own material and other intellectual property geared for this purpose.
Habla Cristiano 1 & 2 Spanish for the Clergy books, which were thoroughly and thoughtfully designed for priests and seminarians who want to learn Spanish, or those who are in the process of learning Spanish for Christian purposes.

What makes us stand out from ordinary language institutes is that with our expertise, we have proudly developed countless course content geared towards Spanish/English for a Specific Purpose, and we look forward to continue elaborating more course outlines and content geared to a Specific Purpose of the English and Spanish languages.

At Lingua Professional Services, you tell us what your needs are with the English and Spanish languages and we will make our best effort to tailor our content accordingly to make sure you are making a wise investment with your training.
LPS Business English Proposals

If you request a course not yet available from LPS, we may be interested in custom creating the content and course outline of your preferred subject area.